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Norse Tradition facilitates rituals and celebrations of the various aspects of human life in line with the Norse tradition. This means that our ritual work is based on historic transcripts or Indo-European syncretism, and is thus not based on roleplay or theatre. 


When you book us, we will sit down with you to discuss the content and expression of the ritual. You will be able to shape different aspects of the ritual so that it creates the exact atmosphere and expression that you are looking for. We are dedicated to both beauty and integrity in our work, and will do our utmost to make sure that our services provide you with the result of your dreams. 

A booking with Norse Tradition includes: 


  • A meeting where we discuss and design the ritual itself

  • A walkthrough of the rituals origin, purpose and structure

  • Equipment, where it is needed

  • Performance of the ceremony

Here follows a list of the rituals we perform: 



The blót is the most central and sacred of the Norse rituals. A blót is a direct meeting with the worlds central principles, in form of the gods. A blot always involves some sort of sacrifice, as well as a summon of the deity or principle which the blot is dedicated to. You can perform a blót for a good marriage, fertility, prosperity, unity, or sucess in a project. 


A sumbl is both dignified, solemn, social, and fun. This is an ancient drinking ritual which we know from Germanic tribes, England, and Scandinavia. During a sumbl, several toasts are proposed together, which honors different aspects of human life as well as the people who attend the ritual. The ritual starts with a toast to Odin for wisdom, Frey for peace, and Njård for wealth, and follows a specific structure before we end up with the 

skrøneskål, signifying a transition to the less formal part of the feast, by way of jokes, boasts, songs and fun! 

A sumbl with thirty people lasts for about 60 minutes.



"Knesetting", or "knee-placing" in English, is the traditional Norse batism. A knee-placing was traditionally done to introduce a child to society, as a part of a family line. During a knee-placing, the father formally accepts the child from the mother, and puts the child on his knee. The action symbolizes that the man acknowledges the child as his own, and accepts it as a part of the bloodline. After the knee-placing, the child is shown to witnesses of the ritual, who swear to guide and protect the child in the future. A knee placing is a beautiful, strong and traditional alternative to the modern baptism.


Norse Tradition perform marriage rituals in Norse traditional style. This is a simple ritual, which binds two people together in love. The Gods are summoned to bless the marriage with peace, fertility, understanding, and beauty, in the name of Frigg - the Queen of the Sky. The marriage ritual also consists of a short blót, as well as a reading of the oldest known Norse prayer. 

In our experience, a cooperative effort between a mayor that legally declares the formal union of the couple, and our ritual team designing and performing the ceremonial part, can yield a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will never be forgotten by any of the attendees.

Click here to contact us and get a tailored offer.  

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