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Norse Tradition regularly hosts lectures about Norse tradition viewed in a broad Indo-European perspective. Topics can be broad or focused, and cover anything from general history and use of sources, to specific aspects of Norse religion and culture. 

Examples of topics we have worked with previously are:

•    Nordic religion and its practice
•    Norse deities and their symbolism
•    Runes and their use in practice
•    Ethics in the Norse era
•    The Mead of Poetry
•    Voluspá - Norse cosmology
•    Indo-European syncretism as a tool for ritual reconstruction

We have had positive experiences communicating these topics as a conversation, which opens up for dialogue with the audience and provides a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere.

Our lecturers can also be booked for tailor-made assignments, either for just lectures or in combination with rituals for more festive occasions. Feel free to contact us if there are specific topics you want to learn about, or if you have questions regarding our lectures.

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