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Are you interested in learning more about Norse tradition, and curious about how it can be practiced in a modern era? Do you want to meet people who share your interest, and contribute to creating magical moments?


Norse Tradition regularly hosts lectures and retreats open to everyone who is interested, which are published on our Facebook page. Participants are recommended to register well in advance, as we experience great interest and usually have capacity for a limited amount of people.

Our lectures and retreats are currently held in Norwegian, but we hope to offer events in English in the near future. Please let us know of your interest, and we will contact you as soon as something is on the horizon.

Future events

  • Norrønt på Scotsman: Odin - Nordens Himmelfar
    Norrønt på Scotsman: Odin - Nordens Himmelfar
    Thu, May 02
    May 02, 2024, 6:00 PM
    Scotsman, Karl Johans gt. 35, 0162 Oslo, Norge
    Denne gangen skal vi rette fokus mot ingen ringere enn Nordens store Himmelfar, Odin. For å forstå Odin og hans posisjon som Æsenes høvding, må vi bevege oss bakover i tid til langt forbi vikingtiden.
  • Sommerblot 2024
    Sommerblot 2024
    Thu, Jul 18
    Huso Lodge
    Jul 18, 2024, 3:00 PM – Jul 21, 2024, 1:00 PM
    Huso Lodge, Gamle Eikrestølvegen 1, 3560 Hemsedal, Norge
    Når solen står på sitt høyeste over fjellheimen inviterer vi alle med interesse for norrøn historie og åndelighet til en langhelg i Hemsedal. Du vil få faglig, sosialt og åndelig næring, hjemmelaget mat, landets beste selskap og oppleve et høytidelig norrønt blotsrituale.


25-27 February 2022: Norse in Nordmarka - traveling with our ancestors

Norse Tradition arranged a weekend retreat in collaboration with historian and scientist Sturla Ellingsvåg, at the Nordmarkskappell. The weekend was a dive into our ancestors world, in an attempt to understand more of today's Norway. The development of the nordic society throughout the last thousand years was discussed, both from a historical and spiritual perspective. Everything from early European fertility-region through the conquers of the indoeuropean sky-Gods, to the christening and development of a modern society were central themes of discussion. We also wandered about what happens in the crossings of tradition and an ever more globalized world. 

For more information about the event, view our Facebook-event HERE. 

28-30 January 2022: Vinterblot

Our first ever Vinterblot was arranged at Svarstad Lodge, just outside Tønsberg. The blot was devoted to the God-creature Tyr. Thus, the lectures of the weekend were also dedicated to how the power of Tyr was expressed in the Norse society, through law, order and justice. We also talked partly about the mystical creature Loke, an expression of the force of chaos, and an opposite to Tyr's force of law and order. 


For more information about the event, view our Facebook-event HERE. 

13 november 2021: Norse at Valaskjalv - Good enough as you are? 

Our first lecture in Bergen, Norway, was held at the great viking-inspired pub and restaurant Valaskjalv.

The lecture "Bra nok som du er?" (Good enough as you are?) presented topics such as sexual morality, violence, gender roles, social class, queer sexuality, marriage, and hierarchy in Norse times. You can find more information about the event on Facebook by clicking here

3 november 2021: Waters of fate: a workshop on traditional Norse spiritual practice 
Norse Tradition's first online workshop in English! Our lecturer Henrik Lysøe held a three hour workshop on ritual spaces, ritual timing, daily practice, practice connected to different seasons, ritual tools, deities, pagan prayer, and sacrificial ceremonies. To read more about the workshop, visit the Facebook-event. 

28. august 2021: Walking with the Vane's - a collaboration with historian Sturla Ellingsvåg

Norse Traditions first one-day event was held together with historian Sturla Ellingsvåg. By foot, surrounded by beautiful nature, we move from past to the present in the rich history of Ringerike, Norway. A time-travel from the iron- and bronze-ages and their great industries and trades-networks, through the viking-era and its cunning expansions and travels, until now - today - in Norway. More about the event HERE. 


26. august 2021: Norse at Mesh - The Mead of Poetry

Soma, the nectar of the Gods, the water of life, or the mead of poetry; a dear child has many names! From India in the east to Ireland in the west, Greece in the south and Norway up north all have indoeuropean stories about a holy drink, a drink which guilds our words and lifts our spirits. More information about the event HERE. 

30. juli - 01. august 2021: Sommerblot 

The second "blot" arranged by Norse Tradition was held at Huso Lodge in Hemsedal, Norway. This time, the retreat was dedicated to allfader Odin. More about the event HERE.

8. oktober 2020: Norse at Nobel - Good enough as you are?

The first of many to come in our series of lectures called "Norrønt på..." addressed themes such as sexual morality, violence, gender roles, social class, queer sexuality, marriage, and hierarchy. More information about the event is available HERE. 

21. - 23. august 2020: Sensommerblot 

Norse Tradition's first event ever held place at beautiful Huso Lodge in Hemsedal, Norway. This retreat was dedicated to the Norse deity Frejr. More information on the event is available HERE. 

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