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Norse Tradition organizes regular weekend retreats for those who want to study and experience the Norse tradition first-hand. During our retreats, you will receive a solid introduction to Norse religion and culture from our lecturers, through talks and group discussions where you can delve into the weekend's topics. Together we will also create beautiful rituals to bring the rich Norse heritage to life.


The highlight of the weekend is the blót, a Norse sacrificial celebration to the gods, ancestors and nature. Here you present an offering you want to give as a gift, either as a thank you, or imbued with an intention for the future. A sacrifice can for example be an object, a bottle of mead, a donation to a cause, a poem, or a song, preferably something bought or made for the occasion. The blót is a holy ritual, and is followed by a sumbl, a traditional drinking ritual, before the banquet and party.


A retreat is an opportunity to withdraw from daily life and experience a genuine and inclusive community. We emphasize scenic surroundings, tasty and healthy food made from scratch, music and stories performed live, and last, but not least, a hearty atmosphere, laughter and fun.


Our retreats are open to everyone with an interest, regardless of prior knowledge. Follow our Facebook page to find out when our next retreat is, and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

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